A registered garment factory in deep down south of Sri Lanka

Charity Work

Charity work

Kuweni Garments is to run with many skilled seamstresses and they are the back bone of the quality and the quantity make us successful.
But there are so many sad stories behind most our ladies as some are widows and some are single parents.So the hard life has made them to be poor and this was the sole income to their families.
While providing them a good wage we have another charity project to make them enhance in every thick and thin places of the life.
We love to tell this is a welfare funding and some foreign clients do tend to support them in difficult situations.They provide them dry rations, school needs and the mental well-being with annual pilgrimage and annual holiday trip with all the family members.
The family of Kuweni Garments is more secure under my roof both economically and mentally

Ramesha Uyanahewa

Ramesha Uyanahewa

Sole Proprietor / Managing Director.
Kuweni Garments
Mathara/ Kamburupitiya/ Sooriyawewa.


Sandamali Guruge

Marketing Manager
Kuweni Garments
Mathara/ Kamburupitiya/ Sooriyawewa.

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The Kuweni Garments is a home based established small scale garment factory foot on deep down south cost of Sri Lanka.The factory is ready to sew your needy garment to suit your body and the mind too. Kuweni (Queenalso known as Kuvanna, was a ancient queen in Sri Lankn who was spinning cotton – beyond 543 BC) is a dream of a young couple namely Ramesha Uyanahewa and Sandamali Guruge. Both are favour in desingning, color blending , style machimg , pattern making and sewing too.